Saturday, September 12, 2009

89(1) Tax Relief Calculator on Arrears of Salary

1. With this calculator you can calculate the relief for financial years starting from 2005-06 to 2008-09.

2. You can take print out of complete calculation which is very easy to understand

3. Form 10-E for claiming the tax relief and its printout

4. Relevant Circulars of tax relief under section 89(1)

5. Frequently asked questions about tax relief under section 89(1), which will clear almost all your doubts.

10% Surcharge on 10 lakhs income is removed for A.Y. 2010-11

Updated as on 10.12.2009 

Download Link : 1.   89(1) Tax Relief Calculator
            Download Link : 2.   89(1) Tax Relief Calculator



  1. Hi Sir,

    I want to thank you for such a fabulous peace of work, it was very simple to understand.

    Thanks & regards

  2. hallo sir,
    thanks for the sincere effort in making this calculator and sharing with us.

    I am with ISRO Trivandrum and we found it really gud. But the version I downloaded was showing surcharge for income above 10 lakhs for the current FY also, whereas the surcharge is not applicable from current year. Please check this if u haven't noted it so far.

    Please let me know one more thing. If the employer is not ready to give the relief even after requisition and submission of Form 10E, through TDS what can we do for claiming the relief.

    Thanks in advance
    Anzar, ISRO

  3. Dear
    sir revised calculator is perfect and very use ful for all of us. in IARI around 100 people are using this programme and got benfitted.

    under query colum please explain for those people who did not ask relief with 40% arrear. can they will get it this year alongwith 60% yes or no?

  4. Dear Jai they cannot get the relief on 40% SPC arrears which they have received last year. They can get relief on 40% by filing the Revised Income Tax Return.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am a State Govt Employee. Would you kindly make arrear cell for the assesment year 2010-2011 active. Then we can use this calculator for our purposes.

  6. Dear sir,
    thanks for creating such a useful thing.
    but i have a problem.
    In assessment year 2008-2009,my income tax was,i didn't include tution fee of my daughter for deduction under section 80E.
    Can I include this amount for the purpose of tax saving now,when I want to revise my return for relief under section 891 because including arrear of S.P.C my taxable income of that year has increased ?
    An early shall be highly appreciated.
    thanking You,
    yours sincerely,

  7. You can revise your return of income for the Assessment Year 2008-09 claiming the deduction u/s 80E.
    The same reduced total income for the A.Y. 2008-09 can be included in calculating relief u/s 89(1) in this Fin. Year 2009-10.

  8. Thanks a lot for helping me !!!

  9. In assessment year 2007-08& 2008-2009,my income tax was,i didn't show my savings U/S 80C for these years.
    But when 6pay commission came in my salary for those years bacame taxable
    Can I show my savings now while claiming for relief U/S 89(1) on my arrears of salary, all of which I am getting in this financial year 2009-10? If so Under which rule and to whom shall I represent for the relief - my DDO or income tax authorities

  10. First Qn. is whether have you filed Return of Income with IT Dept. for AY 07-08 &08-09. If Yes, you can file Return Return of income claiming the enhanced 80C deductions. If no, first you have file the return even though it is timebarred and belated claim 80C saving in full. The copy of IT return may be produced to your DDO and in 89(1) relief calculation take the income as per your return of income filed. Produce the form -10E to your DDO for claiming relief u/s 89(1)

  11. if relief u/s 89 total A is less than total B then what will be the relief

  12. in relief u/s 89, we are using receipt basis or accural basis

  13. Whenever I select senior citizen, the tax liability increases...there is some problem in tax calculation. Please provide me the correct version at , phone 09811389415

  14. heelo sir
    i have 2004-2005 to 2010 89 relief calculator
    so pleas send me
    my mail id :

  15. hello sir i want the relife calculator from asst year 86 - 87 to 2010 - 2011 can i get it sir

  16. hello sir, i was employee in a private software company and got 24 months of salary as compensation for termination,Can i claim any tax refund based on 89(1) and section 21A(subsection C).
    Also i did not understand how to divide the compensation( it cannot be termed arrears similar to pay commision). Any advice in this regard is quite helpful
    Best Regards...

  17. Please e-mail your details to my e-mail

  18. Dear Sir,
    For FY-2010-11(AY2011-12) what will be the benefit of 89(1), please advise me in my mail


    2010-11 fy calculator is available here

  20. For FY-2010-11(AY2011-12) what will be the benefit of 89(1), please advise me in my mail

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  22. dear reddy sir i want's to contect you, can you say me your e-mail id ,. mobile no etc i am parag shah from bhavnagar guajrat and my email id is, my mobile no is 9426962586

  23. Shri R venkatesh Reddy Sir, I request you to send the software prepared by you of section 89 relief calculator for the macp arrears to the non-teaching staff of Central Govt deptts updated upto 31.3.2012. This may be send to my mail or or as it required very urgently and it have to dispose of 5 cases of sub staff of my office non teaching staff. i was impressed with your software that prepared during vi cpc arrears sec 89 relief calculator during 2008. please consider my above requrest please urgently by return of mail to my above email ids. thank you for your earlier 89 relief calculator.